World-class geolocial expertise in different regions is now available via TE to perform mapping of high potential geological objects such as Salars (salt lakes, salt flats) and ancient dykes. In recent years these geological objects have become the key sources of lithium, rare earth, and other metals, salts and compounds for many industries ("old" and "new" such as electronics, modern solar energy gadgets, fertilizers, etc)


  1. Full or partial managment of petroleum prospecting projects;
  2. Deciphering and analyzing satellite imaging for determining potential oil exploration fields;
  3. Carrying out seismic prospecting works planning and geologic interpreting of datum (2D, 3D);
  4. Analyzing and assessing previous geologic and seismic data.


  1. Full or partial managment of petroleum prospecting projects;
  2. Evaluating petroleum resources in complexes of geological layers;
  3. Analyzing and reviewing previous geologic and seismic data;
  4. Implementing seismic exploration and detail work plans, as well as interpreting geologic data;
  5. Well installation.


  1. Conducting geologic well drilling control;
  2. Calculating and scrutinizing appraisals, oil, gas and condensate reserves, as well as water-soluble minerals reserves;
  3. Outlining geologic models;
  4. Mapping out hydrodynamic models;
  5. Test the effectiveness of geologic, hydrodynamic, geochemical and other methods in the field;
  6. Implementing pollution analysis and area clean-up.


  1. Conducting well logging operations and geological data interpretation;
  2. Planning geological, hydrodynamic and geochemical works, data interpretation;
  3. Designing technological activities for oil and gas recovery;
  4. Developing well stimulation techniques to enhance productivity;
  5. Conducting performance evaluation of various well stimulation techniques.

Investors seeking exciting new venture petroleum projects are welcome to contact us to discuss their project ideas and plans.





Only first-class expertise from world-class specialists in the fields of petroleum geology, geology and seismic analysis is what we offer you. Our experience goes way back to the early 1970s and each of our specialists is well known in his/her area of expertise, having extensive experience and proven history of field explorations as well as academic publications on their geological areas of concentrations.

At TerraExploro, our people have played key roles in discovering, analyzing, and conducting exploration and upstream activities of Russia’s richest oil and gas reserves. Not only have we located rich reserves in Russia, but we have pinpointed and opened up huge reserves overseas as well.

Unfotunately, nowadays, the natural resource exploration field has been facing a significant shortage of specialists as most of veteran western geologists have either already retired or about to retire. New cadres of specialists have just not appeared to fill this gap. Nonetheless, we cover this gap by offering more than a century of combined applied and academic experience in geological explorations.

Thanks to our extensive scientific and field experience that we have developed and over years, our methods are now finely tuned to pinpoint potential fields of hydrocarbon and optimize all prospecting and exploration works,

Our techniques are rooted in satellite imaging interpretation that allows us to select potential petroleum rich territories and plan seismic location with targeted precision, effectively cutting exploration costs and significantly increasing the breaktrough probability of pinpointing oil rich deposits.

Upon implementing our methods it produced consistent and effective results, as the facts have proved in interpreting seismic data, exploration wells positioning and well logging interpretation around the world.

Our team members have been actively participating in the projects led by Gazprom and other Russian oil giants. Our expertise contributed to the exploration of West and East Siberia regions, as well as Samotlorskiy, Kamennomysskiy, Krasnoleninskiy, and many other regions of Russia in addition to many foreign countries.

TerraExploro's team possesses cutting edge technology and experience in deciphering and analyzing space images of territories in question. Lineations with potential reservoirs attached are identified and mapped out using this technology.

Seismic profiling is performed on the selected sectors with highest reservoirs potential as detected by our satellite snapshot analysis technology. By using this approach, costs on seismic work have been slashed 2-3 times and the probability of successful results have significantly risen.

Based on seismic data analysis that the group conducts,we can identify the exact drill location(s) and determine the depth of drilling, technical characteristics, gas or/and petroleum depth horizons and other parameters necessary for successful drilling.

The group has extensive expertise in drilling control and detailed analysis of the drilling results with productive recommendation on further testing of the objects.

Should a positive outcome result, the group would then plan further drilling works, reservoir reserve and resource calculations.

The group'scientific explanations for these techniques can be found in attachment A of this proposal. There are two articles, one covering Siberia and another Texas and Oklahoma which were published in the most respected forum of Russian Geological Science - Otechestvennaya Geologiya - by the groups leader and founder A.G. Repin.

A sample map of Texas is included, though, not intended for any exploration work, without the explicit permission of this group, which is a merger of two maps. One of successful drilling locations in Texas and the other one lineaments developed by the group based on publicly available space images. The enlarged version (not included) shows that groups' techniques have verified all of the existing locations. Moreover, it shows that there is a huge potential for finding hydrocarbon reservoirs even in Texas, one of the most explored states in the United States.

We can be instrumental for anyone interested in acquiring new territories in any part of the world for the purposes of potential gas/petroleum exploration.

Parties interested in our services can use our Contactpage to request additional information. We welcome all inquries, however, we do reserve the right to accept or reject requests based on the proposal's profit viability for our team.

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Industry overview by its leaders:

On oil/gas exploration:

“...clearly in the US there is a shortage [of prospects]. That is why we have high gas prices, because we are not producing as much oil and gas and we are not producing enough because we cannot find it [in places that are easy to get to] anymore” - David Trice, CEO of Newfield Exploration, Oil & Gas Magazine, January, 2006. p. 32.

“There is no shortage of oil and gas in the ground. But quenching the world's thirst for them will call for a major investment in the modern technologies” - Claude Mandil, Executive Director of International Energy Agency.

“The world, according to the [IEA] study, contains at least 20 trillion boe of oil and gas, about half of it conventional and 5 to 10 trillion boe now technically recoverable” - Oil & Gas Magazine, January, 2006, p.38.

On expertise needed to find natural resources:

“…We don't have sufficient depths of really experienced talent we can pull on…” - Louis Raspino, CEO, Pride International, Oil & Gas Magazine, p.32.

“Over the past 10 to 15 years there has been a gap where we kind of lost a generation of workers who were not attracted to the industry, and that is definitely a hole that needs to be filled.” - Park Sharper, president of Kinder Morgan, Oil & Gas Magazine, p. 29.

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